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BerpBioLube for Trombone Handslides

An evolutionary formula of plant-based ingredients and beeswax combine to create a long-lasting, non-toxic and high quality lube.

  • Petroleum-free
  • Recommended by the manufacturers of carbon fiber and brass slides
  • Plant Based with Beeswax (Biobased)
  • Sold in recyclable, convenient ½oz tins
  • D-Limone added for cleaning properties and a pleasant aroma
  • A small amount will perform twice as long as standard lubricants
I am using it on all my trombones! Overall it is a fantastic and unique product. Congratulations on the success!
- Sun He Trombonist/Brass Instrument Technologist
Thank you for the sample. I love it. It works like a charm. I absolutely love that it comes in a tin and not a plastic container. You have a fan 🙂
- Kindest Maria Bertel Danish based trombone player and composer
I love your product! For me, it lubricates really well, lasts several days and stays extremely clean. Congrats!
- john engelkes bass trombone san francisco symphony
Hey Mario I want to order 50 "tins" when you have the new formula ready. I am almost out of Yamaha so please give me an ETA so that I can manage the transition. I had an outdoor performance with smoke machines and light and all that stuff. I wanted to test your formula under extreme conditions. It still works great!
- Dave Butler Butler Carbon Fiber Trombones

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