See what people are saying about Berp & Company’s products.

“I have been using a Berp since high school and it broke. I thought after all these years I’m 41 years old, I’ve got a job (principal in the N.Y. Philharmonic), and I don’t need it. Well after a week I bought another Berp. It’s indispensable for centering, efficiency and accuracy.”

Chris Martin

N.Y. Philharmonic

“I have been using The Berp for some time now and I find it to be a tremendous aid in working out creeping aberrations. I like using it especially for warming up and working out problem areas. It is a wonderful tool to help a player be more efficient on the trumpet … thank you for the brilliance of your little device. I recommend it 100% … it’s a permanent fixture on my practice horn.”

herb alpert

trumpet recording artist, founder of The Tijuana Brass

“I just wanted to say thanks for a great product! I had a Berp back in high school and just recently got one again. The design is much better than it was back then, and I just keep it on my horn all the time, it is such a useful tool for all levels of players! It’s also very convenient when you have a clip on microphone on stage and need to do some buzzing between tunes to get the blood back! I’m glad it fits in my torpedo case, it’s nice to have it on whenever I feel the urge to buzz! Thanks again!!!”

Kiku Collins

Professional Musician

“I’ve been a BERP user since they first come out and I’m STILL a BERP user!  I warm up with mine everyday, on both my trumpet and trombone.  It warms up the muscles and gets the chops set, perfectly, with GREAT focus!  I still have my original BERPs, which I used for over 20 years, and now, the new design is even better!  Mario and Miles know what they’re doing!!!”

Winston Byrd

Cannonball Trumpets. Has performed/recorded with: Dizzy Gillespie All-Star Big Band, Mary J. Blige, Clark Terry, Shirley Horn, and Aretha Franklin

“I’m BERPin’ all the time.”

doc severinsen

trumpet recording artist, studio musician, leader of The Tonight Show Band

“I’m very pleased with the new options and will continue to use the BERP as I have for the past 12 years.”

Joseph Alessi

principal trombone, New York Philharmonic

“I love the Ultimate BERP…the new options are great!”

A. David Krehbiel

former principal horn, San Francisco Symphony

“I never leave home without it.”

Bill Watrous

trombone jazz artist and clinician

“I’ve been BERPing all over the world.”

David Finlayson

trombone, New York Philharmonic

“The BERP is a valuable tool–Bravo!”

Roger Rocco

tubist, educator-VanderCook College of Music

“I recommend the BERP in my ‘Best In Class’ clinics. . . (it’s) extremely helpful.”

Bruce Pearson

author, educator

“The BERP solves the problem of relating buzzing the mouthpiece to the instrument.”

Marvin Stamm

trumpet jazz artist and clinician

“We talked about the use of your BERP and the excellent results with students.”

Richard Norem, Phil Farkas, Barry Tuckwell

horn performing artists and teachers

“There is not a day that goes by that I don’t benefit from the BERP. What a great idea! All my students practice with it and use it during their lessons.”

Sandy La Clair

The Madison Brass

“Much Appreciated!! I love teaching with it!”

Alan Hood

Professor, Trumpet – Lamont School of Music, University of Denver

“As a student and performer, I have found great benefits from using the BERP and have received approval to purchase the BERPs for our entire brass section for the upcoming school year. ”

Chad Taylor

Associate Director of Bands – John Paul Stevens High School

More names of berpers you’ll recognize:


  • Rick Baptist
  • Hakan Hardenberger
  • Tom Hooten
  • Erik Jekabson
  • Jens Lindemen
  • Arturo Sandoval
  • Dave Scott
  • Susan Slaughter
  • Tom Stevens
  • Kenji Tamiya
  • Jim Thompson


  • Kendell Betts
  • Randall Faust
  • Greg Hustis
  • Froydis Ree Wekre
  • Jim Thatcher
  • Gail Williams

trombone & euphonium

  • Miles Anderson
  • Tom Ashworth
  • Roger Behrend
  • Brian Bowman
  • John Kitzman
  • Dave Vining


  • Roger Bobo
  • Gene Porkorney
  • Dan Perantoni
  • San Pilifian
  • Robert Tucci

“I have been using the Bio Oil on all my new horns because it last so long.  I know that when my customer receives their new horn the valves will still be working like silk.”

Kenneth Pope

Pope Instrument Repair

“I have been using your oils exclusively for the past couple months.  I like what they do to the valves.  I am confident they will be quick and reliable and well protected from corrosion.  I am looking forward to your product being available to the general public so I can recommend it!”

Jim Engele

Repair Technician; Osmun Music

“I can state, without reservation, that the BERP oil products, for both piston and rotary valves, are superior to any valve-instrument oils that I know of. The same can be said for the slide-lubricant, and for the various woodwind key oils. I have probably used practically every brand and type of valve lubricant available on the market. In my travels as a soloist and clinician, I have made it a point to try out the locally-available valve oil, no matter what country I am visiting. I have also extensively tested several privately- mixed formulas of valve-oil. All of this, during a 40+ year professional playing career.”

Steve Hubbard

Owner -Southwestern Band Instrument Repair Co., Fox Hollow Custom Brass Instruments, Principal Trumpet – Brazos Chamber Orchestra, International Soloist and Clinician

“We tested your oil against others last year at our booth at Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Our trumpets were played by many players during these days and your oil truly performed best. It was not difficult to make a decision.”

Dr. Andreas Keller

Materials scientist, 15 years design & development manufacturer of daCarbo AG trumpet

“Dear Mario—I just ordered two bottles of your Berp Bio Oil and am so excited to start using it! I was having some challenges with the valves on my B flat trumpet sticking all the time. I was playing with the Akron Symphony this past weekend, and Scott Johnston let me borrow some of his Berp Bio Oil. My valves have been working perfectly for the last several days…I’m glad I’ve found something that works! Thanks again for your great product!”

Dr. Amanda Bekeny

Instructor of Trumpet, The College of Wooster and Ashland University

“What can I say? Your BerpBioOils are superior in every single category and I am more than pleased with the results I’ve achieved! And one thing I’d dearly miss from now on: the fact that you add lemon oil makes my day much brighter. No smelly, smudgy, greasy task but a clear solution with a beautiful scent!”

Andreas Moe

Instrument Maker Quality Control, Moe-Bleichner Music Distribution LLC

“I apologize for being so tardy in responding to the various valve/rotor oils I got from you via Pete Esterbrook. I like them very much and have recommended them to my students and colleagues. Thank you very much for them. I’m not the type to try a lot of new things having played the same horn and mouthpiece for 25 years in the Milwaukee Symphony ( out of a total of 35 ). I still play the same equipment now in my doddering amateur days and mostly used whatever valve oil I had around. BUT I must say the light oil on my rotary valves and the piston thumb of my Schmitt model-Geyer is really different and I can actually feel a positive change in my playing. Slurs are better and the oil lasts longer. In the future should I mention your name, Berp or how can I repay your kindness in a meaningful way?”

John Lounsbery

French Horn Player Milwaukee Symphony(67-02)

“The oil works well on all of my horns. Probably the best on my 1960’s Selmer K-Modifieds. One has been reconditioned (re-plated valves), the other is in original condition but had not been played much before I purchased it. As you know, Schilke valves have minimal tolerance. #2 medium works well but light viscosity may be better.”

Kirk Garrison

Schilke Performing Artist

“Mario, This is great stuff and I’ve found NOTHING better for my stainless steel tuba valves!”

Alan Baer

Principal Tubist, New York Philharmonic

“Awesome stuff.”

Dave Douglas

Jazz Trumpet Player

“Love the oil!”

Ralph Alessi

Trumpet Player

“Hi—my name is Bill Ortiz-I play trumpet with Carlos Santana. I just wanted to drop you a line to say how much I love your valve oil. I have been using BerpBioOil for about 2 months and find it to be the best I’ve ever used by far. Recently (before switching to your product) I had been having some issues with my ‘56 Martin Committee: valves sticking if not pushed down perfectly straight. Needless to say, the last thing I need happening on stage in front of 30,000 people is my valve sticking repeatedly. I’ve taken my horn to repairmen and was nearly at the point of rebuilding my valves. Since I started using your oil, I’ve had NO problems with it at all-NO sticking and it lasts much longer than any other oil I’ve used. It’s my hope that you NEVER stop making this oil–otherwise I’ll have to buy 20 cases! LOL. Best regards, Bill”

Bill Ortiz

Trumpet Player, Santana Group

“Hi Mario—I bought several bottles of Bio Oil from you at ITG this year. After using it for a couple of months on a number of horns, I think it’s time to write about my experience. In short, Berp Bio Oil is fantastic! I have used it on several new and used horns, including my new Calicchios that I was demoing at ITG. I have had no problems switching to it from more traditional as well as hybrid oils, even without any special cleaning of the valves between. It provides fast, smooth, valve action and lasts a very long time. The final selling point for me was that last night I put it on an Olds flugelhorn that I hadn’t played in a couple of months. I always have problems with a sticky first valve with this horn—but the valves felt incredibly smooth and in two hours of playing there was not even a twitch of a hangup on that first valve. This oil is truly a home run, and I love the fact that it is a natural product and completely non-toxic. I’m recommending it to all my friends.”

Galen Tromble


“I got a dozen bottles of BioOil. Put me on the endorsement list!”

Philip Meyers

Principal Horn of the New York Philharmonic

“In regards to a small bottle of Berp BioOil I purchased at the Midwest conference—What an incredible product. Prior to discovering this oil, I had tried quite literally every oil in an attempt to find one that worked. Nothing Worked. I was frantic– I did not have money to get my valves lapped or to get them overhauled. I had just bought a new Xeno, and those valves were sticking too! Why didn’t anything work for me?! I also have asthma and a form of bronchiectasis, which constantly inhaling petroleum distillates and synthetic oils only makes my condition worse. For months now, I have had zero problems with my valves since applying BioOil. I have never felt such a smooth action before on any of my horns. With other oils, I never had that feeling that they would not lock up at some point. With BioOil, I have not had so much as a thought of a stuck valve at any time. I have a Yamaha Xeno, Bach Strad, an old Selmer picc, and an old Yamaha Eb. It works on all of them. I am also student teaching right now. Several students have had an issue with stuck valves– some for months, even years. I put on some BioOil, and none of those students have had to re-oil their horns yet. BioOil has saved me and those students some potentially expensive and unnecessary valve work by a repair person.

I just wanted to thank you for making the perfect product for me. Not only does it work on my horns, but also perfectly fixes my students’ valve issues in seconds! This is truly the “magic bullet” of valve oils! I also appreciate that there are no chemicals and it smells great!

There is no way I can appropriately convey my gratitude for this product. I offer my sincerest thanks, and look forward to giving you my business and spreading the word about BioOil.”

Kenny Piatt

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

“I like the results of your Berp BioOil. I own vintage Bach Strad Bb and C trumpets, and a very nice King Tempo cornet; the oil works well on all three of them. It is very smooth, long lasting and reliable lubrication for my valves. It seems to require cleaning and re-oiling less frequently than the conventional oils I have used in the past, and definitely responds better to being warm and moist after a few minutes of playing that the old oils.”

David Ridgely

Grafton, WI

“I’m so happy with the #3 (heaviest) it makes my valves to move easier, I love the (how do you say?) way as they return to my fingers, I’ve never experienced it before, so I’m glad that you made it!!”

Carlos Beneto

Spanish Brass

“This oil is great! I was allergic to Hetman’s and tried your product. I gave it to my students and to other NYC area professionals. We are all switching to your product!”

John Hasselback

Jazz Trumpet and Flugelhorn

“This device helps heighten awareness of the crucial work the abdominal muscles do during the exhalation of air while playing…and improves the focus and carrying power of the sound.”

Barrick Stees

Associate Principal Bassoon, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

“Great teaching tool! It makes you think about your breathing while you do it, so you don’t forget or get complacent…forces you to be aware every minute.”

Gino Cipriani

Brass Educator and Consultant Brass Caption Supervisor for The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps

“The BAT is the perfect complement to the berp! Teaching students where to blow from has never been easier.”

Ken Larson

Trumpet Instructor, Interlochen Arts Academy

“In a very gentle way, it reminds the player where musical breath is supposed to originate. The student can ‘feel’ where to breathe. I love it!”

Roy Poper

Trumpet Professor, University of North Texas

“I experimented with it and used it on a student yesterday. He liked it and seemed to get a lot out of the experience. I think you have a winner.”

Jay Lichtman

Professor of Trumpet, The Hartt School

“The BAT is a great aid in helping you to remember to keep the support going.”

Mike Thomas

Burbank Trumpets, Bush Mouthpieces

“The BAT with your simple and to-the-point instructions demystifies and clarifies the act of proper breath control. It works!”

Dennis Najoon

Co-Principal Trumpet, Milwaukee Symphony

“Thank you so much for the BAT. I’ve been using it to teach my students to remember to breathe as they work with their clients. It has been a great asset for me as I do my own breath work.”

Kathleen R.D. Baker

Manaola LLC Himalayan Singing Bowl & Shambala Reiki Practitioner

“When I started with the BAT, I was skeptical. Being modestly athletic and endowed with good lung capacity, I figured I knew all I needed about breath support, and that my tone, range, and endurance problems resulted from a weak embouchure. So I used the BAT haphazardly, more as a reminder than as a standard part of my practice routine. But Mario’s nudging finally succeeded in getting me to strap the thing on every day, for warm-ups, exercises, and performance material. That’s been my habit now for the past several months. The results are impressive. Tone, range, and endurance have all improved markedly, and lots of musician friends tell me so, so it’s not just my imagination. That improvement leads to greater confidence, and the confidence inspires new efforts and new improvements in an upward spiral. It feels good. I suggest you give the BAT a try. Every day, for a couple of months. See if you don’t end up feeling good too.”

Philip Beard

“Your product is ‘d bomb!”

Raz Kennedy

Vocal Coach