Jazz in the Neighborhood

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Mario founded the nonprofit organization Jazz in the Neighborhood (www.jazzintheneighborhood.org) to bring talented Bay Area artists, developing players, and communities together for live music events. Jazz in the Neighborhood creates an environment where professionals can nurture the great American art form with dignity and respect. Find out here how our programs provide jazz education, support local venues, and enable dedicated professionals to pass a vital legacy on to the next generation.

Berp and Company is proud of its commitment to putting part of its profits back into the music community. Jazz in the Neighborhood, (www.jazzintheneighborhood.org) founded by Mario Guarneri, is the recipient of this money. JitN supports a guaranteed living wage for jazz artists in the San Francisco Bay Area along with inspiring young and old alike to discover the joy of improvisation. “We are putting the music back into the neighborhoods”, says Mario, “where the art form has evolved and been appreciated for decades.”