Breath Awareness Tool (BAT) Endorsements

What people are saying about the Breath Awareness Tool

“This device helps heighten awareness of the crucial work the abdominal muscles do during the exhalation of air while playing…and improves the focus and carrying power of the sound.”
Barrick Stees, Associate Principal Bassoon, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra

“Great teaching tool! It makes you think about your breathing while you do it, so you don’t forget or get complacent…forces you to be aware every minute.”
Gino Cipriani, Brass Educator and Consultant Brass Caption Supervisor for The Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps

“The BAT is the perfect complement to the berp! Teaching students where to blow from
has never been easier.”
Ken Larson, Trumpet Instructor, Interlochen Arts Academy

“In a very gentle way, it reminds the player where musical breath is supposed to originate. The student can ‘feel’ where to breathe. I love it!”
Roy Poper, Trumpet Professor, University of North Texas

“I experimented with it and used it on a student yesterday. He liked it and seemed to get
a lot out of the experience. I think you have a winner.”
Jay Lichtman, Professor of Trumpet, The Hartt School

“The BAT is a great aid in helping you to remember to keep the support going.”
Mike Thomas, Burbank Trumpets, Bush Mouthpieces

“The BAT with your simple and to-the-point instructions demystifies and clarifies the act of proper breath control. It works!”
Dennis Najoon, Co-Principal Trumpet, Milwaukee Symphony

“Thank you so much for the BAT. I’ve been using it to teach my students to remember to breathe as they work with their clients. It has been a great asset for me as I do my own breath work.”
Kathleen R.D. Baker, Manaola LLC Himalayan Singing Bowl & Shambala Reiki Practitioner

“When I started with the BAT, I was skeptical. Being modestly athletic and endowed with good lung capacity, I figured I knew all I needed about breath support, and that my tone, range, and endurance problems resulted from a weak embouchure. So I used the BAT haphazardly, more as a reminder than as a standard part of my practice routine. But Mario’s nudging finally succeeded in getting me to strap the thing on every day, for warm-ups, exercises, and performance material. That’s been my habit now for the past several months. The results are impressive. Tone, range, and endurance have all improved markedly, and lots of musician friends tell me so, so it’s not just my imagination. That improvement leads to greater confidence, and the confidence inspires new efforts and new improvements in an upward spiral. It feels good. I suggest you give the BAT a try. Every day, for a couple of months. See if you don’t end up feeling good too.”
Philip Beard